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We believe with the right support, tools, and knowledge, you can transform your health.

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Are you feeling…

Hormones out of whack?

…like you can’t lose weight?
Irritable bowels?

…like everything looks fine,
but you know something
is wrong?

Find solutions with Saskatoon Wellness Centre

Our team at Saskatoon Wellness Centre is here to help.
We are focused on getting to the root of the problem. With you as the team captain, we will find solutions in order to optimize your health and help you realize your true potential.

Your story is important

Have you ever been to the doctor and they don’t have time for more than one complaint? We at Saskatoon Wellness Center will take the time and care to listen because the answers are in your story. We respect that you know your body better than anybody. We help you decipher what your symptoms are trying to tell you.

Committed to
Holistic Medicine

Life is challenging when we are tired, stressed and suffering with out-of-whack hormones. I experienced this too. But by applying the principles of naturopathic and functional medicine, I went from surviving the thriving and I want to help you do the same.

Hi, I am Dr. Alana Barmby, N.D., clinic founder, wife, mother, researcher, naturopathic doctor with 20 years of experience. I’m here to helping you on your wellness journey.

Naturopathic and Integrative
Health Services


Naturopathic Medicine
Registered Massage Therapy
Physical Therapy
Functional Medicine
Integrative Cancer Care

Naturopathic Programs

Food Sensitivity and Allergies
Hormone Balancing
Weight Loss
Brain Health & Healthy Aging
Fertility & Preconception

Integrative Health Programs

Muscle pain
Back Pain
Sport Injuries
Muscle Spasms
Chronic Pain

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When I is replaced
by WE even illness
becomes wellness

We believe that the best health care is delivered with a view to the whole person. That is why we have a multidisciplinary team because we understand the importance of a holistic approach to reaching your health goals.

We care about the whole you – body, mind and spirit – and we believe that only by balancing the three can you enjoy good health.

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