As you may have realized – our health care system does not work perfectly. And  in some instances, it may in fact be broken. 

Visiting your conventional medical doctor can sometimes be an overwhelming  and frustrating experience. Often the appointments are rushed, (especially if you  have more than one concern at a time) and you leave without having been heard or have been told that nothing is wrong since your blood tests are normal. 

Our health symptoms are connected.

Many medical appointments are limited to discussing one condition at a time.  The problem with this approach is that everything is connected!

Our symptoms  do not occur in isolation. What is happening in one part of the body may be  related to what is happening in another part of the body.

Looking at the totality  of all your symptoms can help us identify the root cause. That is where I can help.  I put all the pieces of the puzzle together. By working with me I can help you  make the most of your conventional medical appointments because together we  can do the legwork so that you can succinctly communicate with your doctor the  most important information. 

Mining your health data. 

One of the best new additions to the health care system is the incorporation of e health – MySaskHealth. This electronic medical records system allows you to  view all laboratory results and medical imaging reports from the last few years.  Every test that is ordered basically asks a question.

This view allows us to see what  questions have been asked and what questions need to be asked. I also think it is  important to verify that tests that have been ordered were indeed processed and  any flags were addressed and followed up on. We have been trained that if you  don’t hear back from your doctor then everything was fine. But I have seen  instances where labs that were ordered were never actually processed. And  instances where results were never followed up on.

Unfortunately, I have  experienced this personally. After my mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung  cancer, we requested a copy of her medical records to help inform her with her  treatment decisions. In amongst the midst of her records was a copy of an X-ray  report from 6 years prior noting a suspicious mass that urgently needed to be  followed up on. It never was. Perhaps this may have changed the unfortunate  outcome.

Normal isn’t always optimal health. 

Another reason to have me look at your labs is that normal isn’t always optimal.  Best example of this is the test is the high sensitive C reactive protein (hs crp).  This lab assesses inflammation. The normal range is 0-7 (mglL). This test would  not be flagged unless your value is above 7. However, if you read the fine print  for cardiovascular risk assessment, optimal is less than one (<1). Between 1 – 3 is  intermediate and about 3 is high risk. Since we know that everything is  connected, if its enough inflammation to affect your cardiovascular health, it’s  enough inflammation to affect your whole health. 

Laboratory tests are an important piece of the health care puzzle.  

Laboratory tests are an important part of our health assessment. Unfortunately,  due to economic pressures of our bankrupt health care system, it can be difficult  to access labs that can provide insight into our health simply because our health care model is reactive and disease focused versus proactive and prevention  focused. I can help if there are specific questions you have about your health that  your current doctor is reluctant to answer by ordering the relevant tests. 

Naturopathic doctors can order many of these conventional tests, (for example, – TSH, free T3, free T4) as well as many cutting-edge health assessments such as a  cardiovascular health assessment that looks at oxidized lipids and the presence of  a marker linked to plaque formation. Unfortunately, you will have to pay the cost  of any test ordered by your naturopath. But when we are talking about  prevention – your health is worth the investment.  

Timing is of the essence. 

To make the most of your conventional medical appointments I recommend  booking an appointment with me prior. Together we can sort out your concerns  so you can be prepared to make the most of your time with your family medical  doctor or specialist. 

Making the most of our health care appointments. 

To make the most of our time together I would recommend signing up to MySaskHealthRecord if you haven’t already. Prior to our appointment together please  print off your labs summary or just remember to bring your login details and we  can view it at the time of your appointment. 

Just as you would get a yearly checkup with your family doctor or dentist, I  recommend regular checkups for a naturopathic assessment.

Working with me as  your health advocate, we can put the pieces of the puzzle together and optimize  not only your health, but the quality of your health span in the decades to come!