We are thrilled to be able to offer you a greater selection of health care modalities to help you obtain optimal health!

We are pleased to welcome physical therapist Laurie Wiens.

Laurie has over 25  years of experience. Laurie believes in the importance of listening to your  concerns with respect and working with you to meet your goals whether that is  getting you back to your favourite leisure activities, getting back to work or living  without pain and dysfunction. Laurie’s approach to physical therapy incorporates  traditional hands-on therapy combined with acupuncture, GTT – a form of dry  needling, ultra sound, K tape as well as individualized exercise programs and  education.  

Please welcome Megan Schmidt, life coach and certified hypnosis practitioner.

Coaching will help you learn how to use your mind at a higher level  and leave behind the overthinking and unhelpful thoughts. You will learn how to  feel better emotionally and actually take action in your life without relying on  motivation or needing outside accountability. The combination of coaching and  hypnosis Megan helps you to create lasting change with so much more ease.  Whether you are wanting to create change in your health, your relationships,  your career or a complete lifestyle change, it all starts with your beliefs (thoughts)  and then taking action. 

Megan does one-on-one coaching and also offers group programs.